Thursday, January 16, 2014

$11.4M for pedestrian bridge to keep #autosprawl going "Florida International University was awarded a Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant for $11.4 million. The grant may be used starting in February for a project that includes a pedestrian overpass bridge over Eighth Street and 109th Avenue, sidewalks and landscaping improvements."

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  1. And this is a bad thing? I suppose if your position is zero tolerance for autosprawl, it is an unalloyed evil. I figure a neighborhood with a pedestrian overpass (the term where I live is "walkbridge") is at least marginally more walkable than one without. I'm more pro-walkability than anti-autosprawl. I am aware, of course that there is no such thing as sharing the road, and that accommodating both cars and pedestrians is a zero-sum game. Perhaps I'm too "pragmatic" for my own good. Perhaps I've been cowed by the tyranny of "political feasibility."

    Do soldier on, comrade.

  2. As oil gets more expensive, cars will go away. The more that has been put into infrastructure, the more painful this will be. We should instead be preparing to live without cars. The money should be spent on free buses. We are building bridges over rivers that will dry up.