Thursday, February 8, 2018

Electric cars an excuse for more #autosprawlsubsidy

The New York Times : "...Tesla reported it used up only $277 million in cash in the fourth quarter. That was down from $1.4 billion in the third quarter. On a full-year basis, however, the company used nearly $3.5 billion in cash, more than twice the amount from 2016."
nyt Yet in the final tax bill Mr. Trump signed in December, there they are: the full panoply of tax incentives for renewable energy, as well as the $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit.

Automakers can get up to 1.5 billion from this subsidy.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

100-vehicle pileup on snow-covered highway - who pays for this?

The Washington Post: "Stunning video footage captured the aftermath of snow and ice-related pileup involving about 100 vehicles in southwestern Missouri on Sunday afternoon."
The autosprawl system is expensive in bad weather. Taxpayers have to pay of lot of the cost. This is subsidy to those who profit from the system.